Gran Turismo 5 is a huge release for the PS3 and we don't mean that figuratively. It seems the game has a hefty 6.4 GB install.

Sony tells MCV that the massive install is, thankfully, optional. You can only opt for a minimum installation that weighs in at a mere 256MB. It's similar, then, to what Konami did with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the PSP.

"GT5 gives users the option of an install," said Sony regarding the 6.4GB install. "This makes loading times throughout much faster but is not a requirement when first playing. If users choose not to install the data straight away it will do it in stages as news areas, tracks, etc. are accessed during normal gameplay."

GT5 debuts in North America and Europe on November 24th. The Japanese and Australian release will occur a day later.

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