Much to Grand Theft Auto fans' dismay, the fifth installment in the open-world crime series might not arrive in 2012. The latest issue of PSM3 states that the game will launch early next year.

The May issue of PSM3 (via GTAForums) pegs GTA 5's release date as March 9th. They don't frame it as a rumor.

March 9th is actually a Saturday next year. It would be an unusual day to release a game. Most games hit stores on Tuesdays (in North America) or Fridays (in Europe). Still, I suppose GTA 5 is such a high-profile game that they could release it whenever they damn well please and it'll sell millions.

A March release date would fit with an recent prediction by a Sterne Agee analyst. However, it would directly contradiction a Rockstar employee resume that mentioned an October launch. I guess it comes down to which iffy source of information you prefer.

GTA 5 will bring the series back to Los Santos, the fictional Los Angeles equivalent seen in GTA San Andreas. Rockstar has kept a tight lid on other information about the game thus far. It seems hard to believe that they'd let something as important as a release date slip out, but stranger things have happened.

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