Another month means a start to another PlayStation Plus cycle as Sony announces the first free game of the month, PSN strategy title Guardians of Middle-earth. For those who have no interest in destroying/saving the land of hobbitses and wizards, perhaps you will find something interesting in the handful of PSN/Vita titles being offered on sale.

The massive online battle arena (MOBA) genre is pretty popular these days, so it makes sense that someone would come along with such a title that utilizes one of the biggest epic fantasy licenses in the world. In Guardians of Middle-earth, players control a small army of characters fighting for either the side of light or the side of darkness. Said characters are well-known heroes and villains from the Lord of the Rings series, including the likes of Sauron, Gandolf, Bilbo, etc. The object of the game is to utilize your characters’ strengths and abilities on an asymmetrical battlefield in order to control certain points and overthrow the enemy.

For those with a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can grab Guardians of Middle-earth for free starting tomorrow afternoon when the PlayStation Network undergoes its regular weekly update.

This week’s other Plus benefits include a number of games being offered at a discount. These games include Karateka for $5, the cross-buy title Big Sky Infinity for $5.99 and Knytt underground for $8.99. Additional details can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

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