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Hackers Use Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Characters In XBL Ranked Matches

The PR nightmare for Capcom continues. Hackers have taken their repugnance for corporate giant a step further by showing off all the disc-locked characters in ranked Xbox Live matches in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Anyone who argues about whether the disc-locked characters are balanced or complete can now go online and battle against them in some intense 2-on-2 fights, just to see how incomplete or imbalanced they are.

The new video comes courtesy of a YouTube user, deathmantle1, showing off an encounter he had against a hacker who, by his description, is a "Combo Beast". Check it out below.

As you can see, the hacker started off well but then fell to the vices of Hugo's combo prowess. However, I tend to think that the hacker was less about winning and more about saying "Hey, look at these characters you could be playing but can't". Additional users commented on how they, too, have faced off against the DLC characters in ranked matches, which is just some extra fuel to add to the Capcom fire.

The 12 disc-locked characters will be unlocked this fall with the release of the PS Vita version for $20. Some gamers have been clamoring and praising Capcom for such a fair price to use content that's clearly finished and accessible on the disc, thankful that the company wasn't charging $5 per character. However, it would be PR suicide to charge $5 a character since they're completed content already accessible on the disc.

12 free colors, Gems and preset-combos will be made available starting April 3rd to help assuage some of the fury aimed at Capcom, while costumes will go for $1 a piece. And senior vice president Christian Svensson has said that additional details on the DLC will be unveiled at Captivate next month.

Thanks Event Hubs for catching the video.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.