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So by now most readers should have established a few things about Street Fighter X Tekken. 1) It's a great game. 2) Capcom lies a lot. 3) There is more than 30% of the content locked away on the disc behind a pay-wall. Well, if you were curious about some of that disc-locked content (it's still DLC) a new image and video has surfaced showing off what you will be paying for said content.

Thanks to Event Hubs they found a new video on YouTube showing off how much each of the character outfits will cost. Thankfully, it's fairly cheap...$1 per costume or £0.79. As you know of course, the total character count is 50 characters (this includes the disc-locked content) and there are two alternate costumes per character. Of course, if you wanted all the costumes for all the characters that's an extra $100 on top of the $60 you already paid for the game. That's not including paying to unlock the other 12 disc-locked characters, colors or preset combos.

Many gamers and fans are thankful that the alternate costumes are only $1, but as you can imagine those costs can quickly bundle up when buying multiple costumes for multiple characters. This avenue is also oftentimes used in MMOs and is known as a microtransaction.

I suppose the principle of the matter is that if you're paying for a $60 retail game it should come complete, and everything finished before the game goes gold should be part of the main experience especially if it's already on the disc. While legality and arguments of entitlement can be thrown around, just keep in mind that consumers make the gaming industry go around not publishers.

I suppose this microtransaction alternative wouldn't be a bad way to go for Capcom if the price of entry wasn't already so high. Of course, all of this stuff is optional unless of course you're a completionist, you prefer a total experience or you're a tournament player.

Back during the PS2 era, though, all of this stuff just would have been part of the $50 purchase, and effectively most fighting games back then included a lot of stuff that's now a cash shop item.

I'm just curious, though, how much content needs to be completed and locked away on the disc before consumers finally decide that enough is enough? It wasn't always like this and it doesn't have to get worse.

Thanks again Event Hubs for keeping up to date with this stuff.

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