Okay, so maybe there is some hope for pure fighting game fans. Capcom has at least acknowledged this whole thing about DLC and the PS Vita, and plan to release more details about the situation this April.

According to Andriasang.com, [via EventHubs] Capcom released a new series of videos for the PS Vita demonstrating the motion controls and the way the analog and special moves can be executed thanks to assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano and his um, ebullient performance.

As noted on both sites, due to the game still being in development for the PS Vita, none of the actual gameplay is put on display. A shame, really.

The news arriving this April will also supposedly address the disc-locked content, an issue that pretty much exploded in Capcom's face. For those that don't know, more than a third of the entire game's content is locked away behind a "pay-wall", where you pay a small fee via microtransaction to gain access to additional content already stored on the game's disc. Some of the features currently locked out of the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game will be available right out of the box for the PS Vita version, which has caused an additional stir within the community.

One of the reasons this has also created such incense from the community is that it follows closely on the heels of rumors regarding the potential "From Ashes" DLC potentially being designed and finished alongside Mass Effect 3 but purposefully being withheld because EA/Bioware knew die-hard fans would purchase the DLC, which according to the Washington Post more than 40% of people who bought the game also purchased the DLC.

Gamers fear this will become a trend that continues to grow where more and more core content becomes withheld from the game just so that it can be charged for at a later date or concurrently with the purchase of a game.

We'll definitely keep you posted on further developments regarding the situation, and some individuals within the industry suspect that Capcom may offer free codes to unlock the 12 characters on the disc for the Xbox 360 and PS3, however that seems very unlikely.

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