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The map-building tools in Halo 5 allow for some pretty spiffy new battle arenas to be created, including the recent addition of Princess Peach’s castle from the world of Super Mario Bros..

If there’s one rule about map editing tools in games, it’s that players will always use them to create maps from other games. I don’t know what it is about running through Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 in LittleBigPlanet, but people sure love to do it.

Speaking of Nintendo’s flagship series, the Mushroom Kingdom has now popped up in another game thanks to map editing tools, as Imgur user Bearskopff has posted several pictures of Peach’s castle from Mario 64, recreated in Halo 5’s Forge.

The Halo 5 Forge has only been around since December, but already Bearskopff has started churning out some pretty impressive creations. Ass mentioned above, howeer, most of those creations derive from other game series. You can check out their gallery for even more game and movie-themed creations, including the Millenium Falcon, Death star and the planet Hoth from Star Wars, as well as Shadow Moses from Metal Gear Solid.

If nothing else, at least Bearskopff is creating arenas for Spartans to battle in that are wholly new to first-person shooting, rather than just trying to recreate maps from previous Halo games or, say, Call of Duty.

Bearskopff goes into details about the creation of his maps, specifically the Peach’s Castle location. He said he used the “baked lighting” to give the game that washed out, bright coloring the Nintendo 64 was famous for, as well as a lot of trial and error to find Fore parts that would properly recreate the desired shapes.

He goes on to explain that quite a bit of content as cut from his planned version of the map, which is a real bummer. The sparse playing area actually uses a large number of items to create what you see, reaching the Forge’s 1024-item limit. Without that, he had planned on adding in other areas like the waterfall, stained glass window, etc. However, he promises to return to the map and add on new locations if the Halo 5 developers ever up the object count.

That’s some pretty solid dedication, but now we’re curious: How does the map play? If any of you readers have stumbled upon Peach’s Castle in the Forge, please let us know what you thought in the comments below. Otherwise, do you have any favorite maps you’ve uncovered in the Forge? Again, share your findings with the community below.