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You can now play Quidditch in Halo 5, which earns the award for being the sentence I was least expecting to write today, much less any other day. Wizards, rejoice!

So, here’s the deal. Way back when folks were still playing Halo 3, the folks over at Rooster Teeth invented this pretty rad competitive mode called Griefball, which was basically rugby in the world of Master Chief. The team at 343 Industries decided to plug the mode into Halo 5 Guardians, complete with those spiffy new Spartan abilities to spice things up a bit.

Apparently that wasn’t spicy enough for some folks, however, as modder xXHugabearXx has now uploaded a custom map that turns Griefball into the popular wizarding sport, Quidditch. The folks over at Gameinformer picked up on this new game mode that seems so obvious it’s amazing it took this long to be created.

For you muggles in the audience, Quidditch is the most popular sport in the world of the Harry Potter novels and films. It’s kind of like soccer, but with magic. You can score by throwing a ball through one of three hoops at the end of a pitch, but the team’s keeper can defend. There are also enforcers on each team called bludgers, who whack balls at opponents using a thing that looks a lot like a bowling pin. Obviously, it’s not a super safe sport. Finally, there’s the Snitch, a tiny golden ball that flies around and just about guarantees a win to the team whose seeker manages to catch it.

Look, I didn’t say any of this was going to make any sense. Either way, Quidditch became so popular that people actually play a real world version of it. Only, instead of flying around on brooms, they run around a field with sticks between their legs and, instead of a snitch, seekers chase after a third person who tries to keep from getting tagged. Yep, the real world version is even more bonkers than the fantasy one.

As for the Halo version of the game, you can score three points for your team by launching a ball through one of the hoops or earn a single point by bludgeoning an opponent with a Gravity Hammer. As the original story points out, there’s no Halo equivalent of a snitch programmed in yet. Otherwise, the first team to score 15 points wins.

You can play this new mode yourself by booting up Halo 5 and searching for the Quidditch Arena map or the Quidditch game mode.

We haven’t had a time to test the mode out yet, but we’d welcome comments below from anyone who has. Is the Halo version of Quidditch worth a shot?

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