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When Microsoft announced that there would be a smorgasbord of free multiplayer maps for Halo 5: Guardians most people assumed this was a form of compensation for the removal of the game's split-screen option in the campaign mode. In reality, the free maps will be compensated for with the multiplayer microtransactions.

343 Industries introduced the REQ points in the latest update on the Halo Waypoint website where 343's Josh Holmes explained how the new REQ packs and REQ points would work.

The REQ setup stands for a Requisition System. Players will earn points in the versus and Warzone modes. As you play the game and earn more REQ points you can then spend those points to unlock REQ packs. The packs contain a number of different unlockable items, including assassination animations, weapons, armor, skins, taunts and more.

Given that gear can be unlocked in Halo 5 using the REQ points, Holmes explains that only cosmetic gear carries over into the versus mode and other items can't be used in the multiplayer versus modes...
While players will earn REQ Packs across both Arena and Warzone, only cosmetic items can be used in our Arena experience. This is to ensure that all players start with the same weapons and abilities as part of our vision for the balanced, competitive play in Arena multiplayer.

This is 343's attempt to ensure that the multiplayer in Halo 5 stays balanced and gamers don't pay to win.

In a $60 retail release many gamers get annoyed about in-game microtransactions because you already paid for the game but then there are the additional payment packs that many people will use to either gain an advantage or unlock new stuff because they don't have time to play the game.

And while the weapons and armor perks from the REQ packs will be barred from the competitive arena modes, they can be used in the Warzone mode. The REQ packs will be balanced by an in-match REQ level that will require players to be a certain level to gain eligibility to deploy specific weapons, vehicles or call-ins throughout the match.

Basically, Halo 5 is employing the same kind of unlocking system found in games like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Holmes further explains that all the REQ packs can be earned the good old fashioned way, with hard work and proper skill, but he also explains that you can take a shortcut if you need to and buy the REQ packs for your convenience...
All REQ content in the game can earned through the regular course of play in multiplayer. We’ll also give players the option to purchase REQ Packs as a matter of convenience, with a portion of the proceeds going toward prize pools for the Halo Championship Series.

It's interesting that one of the new things these days that larger companies do is put a portion of DLC proceeds toward prize pools in the eSports leagues; NetherRealm did the same thing with Mortal Kombat X and Valve does the same with Dota 2.

You can learn more about the new REQ packs by paying a visit to the official Halo Waypoint website.

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