It may be hard to believe for those war-drunk masses constantly duking it out onlin,e but Happy Wars has been bringing the pain for a full year now. To celebrate, Microsoft Studios has announced a few big figures concerning the game's short life cycle, as well as plans for a sequel.

Announced via Xbox Wire, free-to-play battle game, Happy Wars, celebrates its one year anniversary with the announcement that a whopping 6 million warlords have joined the fray in the past 12 months.

“And, of course, a celebration wouldn't be complete without new content coming to Happy Wars,” said PlayXBLA Community Coordinator Ashton Williams. “To thank all of our amazing and dedicated Happy Wars players, we're kicking off the party with our Happy Wartober event, where we're going all out on new content, special sales, exclusive itemas and even a new character class.”

According to the official announcement, players interested in taking advantage of all of the birthday goodies should log into the game on a daily basis, as the rewards and sales will be switching up on the regular.

“One day you might find a special sale on items in the store, another day you might find some exclusive Happy Wartober items, and another you may find yourself defending your castle on a spooky Halloween themed map,” the announcement reads.

Along with all of the new gear and map skins, a brand new character class is also being introduced to the fray, the Engineer. From his brief cameo in the above trailer, it looks like the Engineer himself is nothing to fear on the battlefield. That giant killer robot he's controlling, though? Yeah, that might cause a problem for people looking to keep the vast majority of their blood stored safely within their body.

Finally, now that all of the celebrating is well underway, the team has officially announced the impending launch of Happy Wars: Season 2. It sounds like this will be an evolution of the current game rather than a separate sequel, but we'll just have to wait and see what the rest of Wartober brings.

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