Reports from insiders claim that there are going to be some exciting announcements at this year’s E3 2016 Bethesda Press Conference. Among the rumored reveals, the lineup could include a sequel to The Evil Within, a new Wolfenstein, a Skyrim remaster and the long-awaited sequel to Prey

Eurogamer reports that they got their Skyrim information from an insider on NeoGaf, Shinobi602, who they have gotten other reputable claims from in the past, along with another reputable source who goes by the name of Enter the Dragon Punch. Eurogamer not only claims the rumors are true, but also is reporting that the new Skyrim game will be a “remaster of sorts”, and will be announced alongside the other sequels at the press conference. 

Eurogamer reported,
Shinobi602 cautiously mentioned "a remaster of sorts ... for something" during an H.A.M. Radio podcast (via Gematsu) - let's hope he's not telling porkies! (Actually it turns out Shinobi602 said similar on the Super Deformed Gamescast a month earlier. "And they might revisit an older game of theirs in some shiny new paint maybe," he said.) German website ran a story saying it was Skyrim, and Enter the Dragon Punch corroborated the assumption in a GAF thread by saying "it's real".

Dragon Punch continued to add in a little more detail about the Skyrim remaster, saying the new game will include mods (of course), all DLC and totally improved visuals. 

But as for Prey 2 and The Evil Within 2, there’s isn’t much information known. Prey 2 was thought to have been cancelled ages ago, although there is some hope for The Evil Within 2

Eurogamer claims that they caught the voice actor of a main character in Wolfenstein: New Order listed that she was working on a sequel to the game. So a sequel to Wolfenstein is also very possible.

I played Prey way back in the day when I had an Xbox 360 in college and I loved it. It felt a lot like The Darkness and the characters even almost looked similar. But I enjoyed the story. Sadly, I never got to finish the game. But I would be excited to see a sequel to the game to reignite interest in the franchise. As for The Evil Within, I have my quarrels with the game. When it comes to survival horror, I don’t like games to be so hard that I can’t focus on the story. And this game wasn’t the hardest I’ve ever played, but was very challenging. And just as many media outlets stated, you have to die a lot to understand how to get through the game, and I can’t handle that. So how do I feel about a sequel? I’m open to it. Maybe it’ll coax me into trying to beat The Evil Within again. 

You can watch the Bethesda E3 2016 press conference on Sunday June 12 at 10:00 PM EDT. 
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