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Heroes & Generals Update Fixes The Curse Of Rambo

The latest video-log for Heroes & Generals covers some of the game's tweaks, balancing, weapon modifying and map additions. One of the biggest things modified in the latest build of Heroes & Generals is something players labeled as the "Curse of Rambo".

Basically, the complaints about the Rambo curse in the game resulted from gamers hip-firing and blasting down opponents with the LMG. If anyone remembers First Blood: Part II, John Rambo (played by the ubiquitous Sylvester Stallone) used a mounted LMG to mow down countless Vietnamese and a few Russians. Chuck Norris also did the same thing in Missing In Action Part 3, but no one really cares about that...except for Chuck Norris.

Anyways, Heroes & Generals is now Rambo-free. So you no longer have to worry about guys sprinting around the battlefield, laying waste to everything in their path by hip-firing a gun large enough to make Ron Jeremy blush.

The video log also details a few other nifty changes and inclusions, which you can check out below.

One of the things I think really helps Heroes & Generals is the freedom of exploring the battlefield. There's no set way to win a map and the idea that you can drop paratroopers over a location, drive up in a tank, or sneak in using the prone feature gives the game an excellent sense of player-driven control and unpredictability.

Heroes & Generals still seems to be shaping up nicely and is centered around a lot of community support and feedback, so Reto-Moto is listening to a lot of the constructive criticism where it deserves to be listened to.

You can find out more about this free-to-play, RTS/FPS hybrid by paying a visit to the Official Heroes & Generals Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.