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Square Enix sent out the final trailer for Hitman: Absolution this weekend. The montage supplies some story details on the game and summarizes some of the critical praise lavished upon it.

In Absolution, Agent 47 is given a special mission by his former handler Diana Burnwood. He must find and protect Victoria, a girl being sought by the shadowy group called the International Contract Agency. To do that, he'll need to employ his usual tactics: disguises, stealth, and violence.

Players can choose how to approach each level. They can shoot up everyone in sight if they're skilled enough. However, they can also employ more subtle methods. They can disguise themselves and sneak up on targets. In some cases, he can even create an "accident" for his targets and slip away unnoticed.

Absolution will launch on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 20th.