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The first two reviews for Hitman: Absolution have been published. The UK editions of Official PlayStation Magazine and Official Xbox Magazine both have high praise for the return of Agent 47.

In Absolution, Agent 47 must find and protect a girl named Victoria in order to honor a friend's dying wish. This quest will take him to the United States and will bring him into conflict with powerful arms dealer Blake Dexter. He'll have to evade assassins and police alike on his mission.

Absolution, like previous games, gives players plenty of options in their missions. Players can sneak past enemies and make his assassinations look like accidents. Alternately, he can be a trigger-happy psychopath.

OPM says that the basic Hitman formula is present in Absolution but also "perfected". They add that this is a "peak for the series."

"It takes the ideas that made the original games so great and presents them in a modern context of checkpoints, hints and forgiveness but without sacrificing any of the challenge, excitement or shivery-skinned thrill of pulling off some impossibly and beautifully planned hit," says the mag.

OXM's review makes similar points, saying that it's "everything that fans have ever loved about the series." The review goes on to call it "slick" and "thrilling." They also give special recognition to the Contracts mode, in which players design their own custom adventures.

Absolution will launch on November 20th on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The latest issues of OXM and OPM, with the full versions of the reviews, are hitting subscribers' mailboxes this week.

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