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Gaming Blend recently reviewed the newest Hitman installment on PS4. Many were unhappy about the episodic approach to the game style, but I didn’t seem to mind. And while the Elusive Targets feature has been delayed, IO Interactive has been making sure to keep things cooking in order to keep fans happy. They recently released a promo video for the upcoming Hitman mission, letting players choose which Gary they’d rather assassinate—and you just know Gary Busey is going to win over Gary Cole by a landslide. Check out the promo video below.

So the promo video gives two options for targets: Gary Cole and Gary Busey. You might recognize Gary Cole from his most notable role, as Bill Lumbergh from 1999’s Office Space. If you don’t remember who he is, here’s a refresher:

On the other hand, Gary Busey has still been doing a little bit of acting and is currently working on the fourth sequel to the Sharknado series. And while both Gary’s have their own stories to tell, Busey has been dubbed as crazy by many for his reality show antics and his deep-rooted religious beliefs.

So when it comes down to the two Gary’s, I personally think Busey is going to take the cake. Sure, Cole played a notorious villain in Office Space that almost every single person who’s held a job can relate to, but Busey would be a better hunt. Surprisingly enough, one of the Gary’s will actually be the target in the next mission. I think this certainly makes up for the delay in the Elusive Target game feature, so keep it coming IO Interactive and Square Enix!

So let us know in the comments below, who do you think will be the next target in Hitman: Busey or Cole? And if you would like more information, you can visit the official Hitman website.

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