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A murder-mystery Metroidvania-style, platform, shooting, action, suspense-thriller (yes it hits just about every genre you could imagine) has landed on Steam's Greenlight and is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter.

The game is part of the many indie titles brigading across the internet with stern purpose and solid resolve. With a name that could bury a matinee marquee poster in a sea of their own tears and enough character style to sit amongst the top gumshoes of literary fiction, Hot Tin Roof is a sleeper hit waiting to happen.

Players take on the role of private eye extraordinaire and visually androgynous, Emma Jones, a “two-bit gal in an 8-bit world”. The game sees players on the lookout to solve a string of grisly murders and the gameplay combines elements of classic point-and-click investigation with Fez-style platforming, combining both side-scrolling elements with 3D environments.

Emma will be accompanied by Francine, better known as Franky the “Cat who wore the fedora”. Together, the two will take on baddies, the city that never seems to sleep and all manner of obstacles come hither with hell or high water.

Part of the gameplay mechanics are also totally noteworthy, with the description stating...
On the other hand, it's Metroidvania inspired - but with more of the Metroid, less of the vania. It's an explorable city with soul! Full of characters to chat up and secrets to explore, it's not just a corridor you fight through on your way to your next ability.

Speaking of new abilities - you will find different cartridge types for your revolvers. Change the way you play with knockbacks, grapplers, blood splatters, fireworks and more! Knock down locked doors, panic other characters into letting you slip past, and grapple up buildings.

It's a delightful looking game, no doubt. I think the art-style and charm of the characters could easily propel it to unforeseen heights of success, assuming it hits the right audience or it gets the funding it deserves.

You can upvote the game over on Steam's Greenlight page or contribute to its development by visiting the official Kickstarter page.

Oh what's this? Yeah, we're not done here.

This other title worth mentioning right quick is Zombie Tycoon II, a real-time strategy game that has already made waves on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. The team is simply looking to get the game approved and greenlit to appear on Steam's store.

Unlike many other titles on Greenlight, they don't need money or a big Facebook campaign or some other community movement. Zombie Tycoon II is on the low-road to success and all they're asking for is your humble mouse button clicks... that's it... just a mouse click. The “Yes” button on the Steam Greenlight page would probably be preferable.

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