How To Get God-Mode, Fully-Upgraded Health And More In DOOM

Part of the old-school charm for the DOOM reboot is in its difficulty, and id Software spared no expense to make sure this was one of the hardest first-person shooters out there. Gamers desperately looking to cheat their way to victory can do so with a few console commands for the PC version.

Shacknews lists the console commands, what they do, and how they can be used for the PC version of the game. Anyone who played the original DOOM from more than 20 years ago will be familiar with the cheats because they're mostly all the same except for the ones made specifically for some of the new features in the new DOOM reboot.

So before inputting any of the commands below, you'll need to first activate the console using CTRL + Alt + ~ (tilde). Once the console menu pops up, you can proceed to type in the following case sensitive commands to get the listed results.

iddqd: Toggles god-mode on but does not protect the Doom Marine from toxic, fire, or stage hazards. On the Nightmare difficulty setting, the Doom Marine's health slowly drains over time.

idkfa: Grants the Doom Marine full health, armor, and ammo capacity, along with all of the weapons, weapon mods, Praetor Suit upgrades and suit mods.

idfa: Gives the Doom Marine fully upgraded armor, health, and ammo. This can also be used to replenish ammo and health when it runs low.

idka: Unlocks all the weapons and weapon mods, along with the full weapon upgrades for each mod.

ida: Unlocks all of the Praetor Suit mods and upgrades for each slot.

iddt: Unlocks all the map locations for secret items and hidden locations. This can be used to find various Easter Eggs and hidden rooms.

idgk: Forces the use of Glory Kills only. This means that all weapons are disabled except for melee.

It's nice that id Software decided to go back and reuse a lot of the old commands from the original DOOM, even though all the minds who originally made the game have moved on to their own projects and studios.

I imagine a lot of gamers will be looking up these console commands because this newest DOOM is nothing like the hand-holding first-person shooters typically made available on the market. You can easily run out of ammo, there are no navigation points telling you where to go to get each item in order to progress, and sometimes bad guys can run up from behind and shoot you in the back while you're just exploring.

DOOM is a bare-knuckle shoot-fest designed for gamers who have to exercise a lot of skill and quick thinking to survive. Younger gamers who are unfamiliar with the level of skill required to play first-person shooter games will likely need to rely on the console commands to help get them through some of the play sessions.

Of course, if you're looking for an easy Call of Duty-style game that's extremely linear, has predictable enemies, and fills the screen with a cluttered HUD to ensure you never mess up, get lost, or run out of ammo, then you won't find it in DOOM.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.