New DOOM Video Shows How You Can Customize Your Character

Bethesda and id Software released some new footage of the DOOM multiplayer beta ahead of the open beta, which gets underway on April 15. The footage focuses on the very deep customization system that they have implemented into the upcoming first-person shooter.

GameSpot spotted the new trailer, which clocks in at nearly two minutes, featuring a very extensive and expansive look at the customization features in

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The trailer may only be just shy of two minutes, but it packs in a ton of content by speeding through all of the different options.

We get to see that players can customize the weapons by altering the primary and second colors, as well as adding a livery design to the weapon to help give it its own personal flair. You can't make your own logos or designs like in APB: Reloaded, but you still get enough options to stand out from the crowd.

The same kind of customization applies to the rest of the DOOM character customization. Players can choose the color layout and design for the left and right arm, as well as the left and right leg, the torso and helmet.

The combinations and design options are almost limitless.

We get to see that beyond colors and liveries, there are also plenty of different helmets to choose from, torso pieces, leg and arm pieces as well. Players can unlock these new customization options by playing through the game and beating other players in the multiplayer bouts. Progressing through multiplayer unlocks new taunts, new color schemes, new patterns and new Hack Modules.

The Hack Modules add modifiers to a player's abilities throughout a match. They can be acquired and applied in matches to mix up how items drop or how buffs can be acquired. This adds a bit of variety in addition to the standard power-ups present in DOOM's multiplayer modes.

The pre-beta trailer does a fine job of giving gamers some exciting multiplayer combat to look forward to. Gamers, however, are more interested in the Snapmap and single-player story elements given that they'll be hopping into the open beta starting tomorrow on April 15th.

Snapmap is definitely a cool feature that id Software hasn't really focused on much ahead of DOOM's release, but hopefully they'll give it a bit of focus leading up to the game's release on May 13th next month for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

For now the open multiplayer beta will commence on April 15th and run through the 17th. Pre-loading for the DOOM multiplayer beta is available right now for home consoles and PC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.