Hush Announced For Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PC

A new horror RPG has been announced called Hush. It comes from a small studio from out of Portugal called Game Studio 78, and they're currently looking for a bit of funding on IndieGoGo.

The game is still in the early design process, so any kind of demo footage seems to be nil. Nevertheless, the concept is pretty simple: players will face down their fears as Ashlyn as she goes head-to-head with fear itself, accompanied by GoGo, her trusty companion.

It's hard to talk up the game much being that it's so early in the design process. The team at Game Studio 78 are looking for €50,000 to bring the title to life via IndieGoGo.

What's more is that the team is looking at the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U for release. The interesting thing about it is that in the indie sector the Wii U is really gaining a lot of traction, and maybe that's because Nintendo is actually outselling the Xbox brand in total units. Don't believe me? Forbes' Erik Kain broke down the numbers and it's true. Nintendo is outselling Microsoft in total platform units (across their portable and home console units) by 92,864.

ReviewTechUSA further breaks it down so you can get your salt out of the way and embrace the butthurt like a big fanboy.

Ah, those tears... I slurp them up, like a milkshake.

This brings up an interesting situation: what happens when May 30th drops and the Wii U starts opening up a can like Stone Cold Steve Austin in 1999? Would we start seeing a further shift from AAA publishers/developers toward the Wii U sort of in the same way that indie devs have adopted the Wii U? It's some good food for thought, you know.

It also puts the console war in an interesting situation, where games like Hush may be released in parity across all eighth gen consoles; but what happens when the sequels are begged by fans to be console exclusive? Will Microsoft open up the wallet to keep the indies on their system or will they break the bank for exclusivity? Right now they don't have to worry because they have Titanfall and Quantum Break dropping in the near future. However, the far future looks awfully fascinating from where I'm sitting.

For now, the majority of upcoming crowd-sourced games are coming to as many platforms as possible, which includes the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. Of course, only one of the three has some secret sauce, though. So we'll have to see if a game like Hush will take advantage of that if it gets funded through IndieGoGo.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.