IGN Entertainment has been at the forefront of all things gaming since the late 1990s. Recently, News Corporation, the corporate conglomerate that has owned IGN Entertainment since 2005, has reportedly put IGN up for auction, meaning that we may need a new top-tier gaming website to fill the void if IGN goes bust.

CNET is reporting that News Corp., hopes to get around $100 million out of the deal, despite investing up to $650 million for the initial purchase back in 2005.

If IGN is no longer the number one resource for video game news and entertainment, the default would be for gamers to fall back on GameSpot, since they're comparatively just as big as IGN and caries just as much recognition and clout. However, after the Jeff Gertsmann fiasco, a lot of gamers fear the bigger websites owned by corporate entities such as CBS Interactive, News Corp or Gawker.

Still, there are a few alternatives out there that gamers can look to as a shining beacon of video game news excellence and some who even take the “journalism” part seriously. Of course, sites like VG 24/7, Giant Bomb, Co-Optimus, PlayStation Lifestyle and other niche sites that only cover small parts of the industry can't really count as adequate replacements since IGN was pretty big and replacing a site like that requires a ton of resources. Anyway, here's a quick rundown of the top sites that could move in for the kill and take over a slate IGN might leave blank.

I know, I know, they don't actually cover reviews and previews like every other site but isn't that what YouTube and the “Let's Play” revolution is for? But let's be honest, GameIndustry.biz International is one of the true legitimate video game journalism websites out there. They report the facts, they do speculative pieces based on facts, they aim to uncover the facts and they do interviews to get the facts. They're very fact-based. Despite lacking the advertorial fluff found on other websites, I think GameIndustry.biz has a good chance of moving up in the ranks thanks to high-quality content actually aimed at informing and educating the video game community at large. Yeah so they have a few sensationalized headlines now and then since they've gone international, but overall it's a great website with great content. Now some of you might question why GamaSutra or Develop aren't placed here instead, but I think that in GamaSutra's case they venture a little too far into the ludology side of gaming to attract mainstream audiences, and in Develop's case they haven't quite hit the stride of balancing informative content with a hint of blockbuster entertainment values, something that GameIndustry.biz does quite well.

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