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Turbine has released a gameplay video for Infinite Crisis profiling Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is one of the many playable characters in the DC Comics MOBA game. So, why should you play her?

Wonder Woman is a by-the-numbers tank. She's a very durable character whose job is to draw fire away from her teammates. She takes the hits to allow more frail DPS and suppoort characters to do their job.

All of her powers are centered around tanking. The passive power Child of Olympus regenerates her health when she's near death. Her Protection ability lets her dash to an ally and shield both of them from harm. Blocking Bracers forces enemies to attack her while also reflecting any incoming damage.

Wonder Woman is the second Champion previewed by Turbine this weekend. The first video focused on Nightmare Batman. Nightmare Batman plays more of an off-tank/DPS role so he possesses a very different set of skills.

Infinite Crisis will hit the PC later this year.

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