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Infinite Crisis Gameplay Trailer Profiles Nightmare Batman

Turbine Studios has released the first Champion Profile for their PC MOBA game Infinite Crisis. This video gives us a run-down on Nightmare Batman, a monstrous version of the Dark Knight.

Nightmare Batman is described as a feral hunter. He can slow down enemies by hitting them with a Vampire Batarang, and then chase them down with his speed-boosting Savagery buff. Nightmare Batman can also surprise opponents by using his Batswarm to go invisible for a short period of time.

While he's good at picking off lone opponents, Nightmare Batman isn't immortal. He seems like more of an off-tank, more focused on dealing damage than taking it. It's a good idea for the player to keep Batswarm in his back pocket when facing groups of enemies so that he can make a quick escape if need be.

Infinite Crisis is inspired by the DC Comics story arc of the same name. Heroes and villains from parallel worlds face off against each other. That's why there's, for example, three different Batmans to choose from.

Turbine is currently accepting beta applications for Infinite through the game's website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.