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This generation of consoles has seen a wide variety of classic games made new again, and even PlayStation Home couldn’t avoid being bitten by the nostalgia bug. Intellivision Productions has announced a fall release for “Intellivision Gen2,” a reboot of three classic games coming straight to PlayStation Home. Get ready to play Astrosmash, Shark! Shark!, and Night Stalker from within Sony’s virtual world.

When the Intellivision released back in 1980, the technology under the hood was considered cutting edge for the time. And while its games may seem a little archaic by today’s standards, they were mind-blowingly revolutionary 30 years ago.

According to Intellivision Productions President Keith Robinson, who recently announced Gen2 on the PlayStation Blog, the goal for the new home titles was to mix something old with something new to give old school fans and noobs alike something to enjoy.

“While this is great for players who want to relive their childhoods, we wanted to try updating the games a bit; putting in some features we would have liked to put in back then,” Robinson said. “We kept the basic look of the games recognizable to tickle the memories of our lifelong fans: still a bit blocky, but with a retro-pixel-inspired look.”

Robinson went on to say that the goal for playing the games was that they would immediately feel like the originals, but with added levels, features and challenges.

Astrosmash has players blasting asteroids out of the sky while avoiding UFO’s. The Gen2 reboot adds new UFOs to the mix, complete with a more logical difficulty curve.

Im Shark! Shark!, players play as a small fish set on eventually gobbling up a shark. This new version features a wider variety of patterns for the various underwater wildlife to swim in.

Finally, there’s Night Stalker, which has players exploring a dangerous underground maze while blowing up robots. Gen2’s Night Stalker offers additional robots with AI that gets better the further you go.

Look for these Intellivision Gen2 games to pop up on PlayStation Home sometime this fall.

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