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Jack Thompson Has Statements About GTAIV

Jack Thompson, purveyor of all things taken out of context, has issued a statement in response to Rockstar’s announcement of Grand Theft Auto IV’s release date. Now, before we get into what I’m certain is a thought-provoking item I must ask what the hell this man is thinking. How thick does your skull have to be to respond to a release date? If his hyperbolic and slanderous nature in the past hasn’t dissuaded you from listening, then perhaps an action as simplistic as this will. We’ve sunk to a new level this past week, and that level is extreme mediocrity.

Thompson’s statement was posted over at GamePolitics, and includes the usual bile. This time the threats of a lawsuit are mild, so that’s a step towards progress. And then you read the statement, which includes gems such as, ” Take-Two shares have jumped approximately 12% today on this news. What the market is not factoring in, however, is the downside risk coming Take-Two’s way with the sale of this “Mature” game to kids, which is a murder simulator for violence against women, cops, and innocent bystanders…”

I do love the term “murder simulator.” It’s something the evangelicals can get behind and rouse themselves into a frenzy over. Which is, as always, an endlessly entertaining way to spend an afternoon. The mainstream press has essentially kicked out Thompson because they have no time for his retardation. But he knows that us gamers love a good fight, even if the opponent is confused over what the words “murder” and “simulator” mean.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.