Financial experts likely have many theories on why Take-Two Interactive's stock dropped in value by 35% in 2008. Here's a new one for them: God did it! This stunning piece of financial analysis comes courtesy of anti-video game activist Jack Thompson.

Thompson shot off an email to GamePolitics yesterday claiming that God struck the company down, presumably because they make violent games like Grand Theft Auto IV. Kind of a weak punishment by God's standards, though, isn't it? Sodom and Gomorrah got the fire and brimstone treatment but Take-Two gets a decrease in their stock price?

Why's God handling Take-Two with the kiddy gloves? He's giving them a chance to redeem themselves, it seems. Thompson stated in another exchange with GamePolitics last week that he planned to lead a shareholder revolt against Take-Two's chairman Strauss Zelnick, who is the focus of Thompson's rage and is somehow responsible for every violent thing that's ever been put in any Take-Two game...ever.

Thompson apparently believes that ousting Zelnick would somehow put the company back in God's favor. Or he's just a vindictive douche. Definitely one of those two possibilities. In one of his emails yesterday, Thompson added: "And as it now stands, Mr. Zelnick's problems at Take-Two are miniscule compared to the eternity of punishment that is coming his way unless he repents and accepts Christ as I did 32 years ago this month."

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