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Jackson 5 Song Will Be In Lego Rock Band And No, It's Not Dancing Machine

Well, it looks like the Michael Jackson love is started to rain down now that the King of Pop has officially been laid to rest. Gaming site VG427 says that the Jackson 5’s number one hit song, “I Want You Back,” will be in Lego Rock Band.

Um, couldn’t there have been a better pick? I mean, I’m all for the Jackson 5 being in the game and all, but couldn’t there have been a less pedestrian song? Like, say, “Dancing Machine,” or something else equally awesome and not so bubble gum-flavored? I mean, yes, I know that people KNOW “I Want You Back,” and all, but it’s such an overplayed and song that it’s pretty much lost all pop to it.

Now, I’d hate to be a grouch and all (actually, wait a minute, I LOVE being a grouch), but this is a problem that I’ve been having with both Guitar Hero AND Rock Band over the years. they tend to pick the most popular songs from a group or artist instead of the more obscure, better tracks. “Dancing Machine” isn’t even obscure, by the way; it was number TWO on the Billboard charts when it first came out. I mean, I loved it when I heard a song like “Beat It,” in Guitar Hero: World Tour, and it was great to play that awesome Van Halen solo, but…well, actually, that was pretty awesome, I’m not going to complain about that.

But THIS, I’ll complain about. Dancing Machine is SUCH a better song than “I Want You Back,” that it’s pathetic. Just check out this video below. Tell me, isn’t this a far superior choice when it comes to the Jackson 5 catalogue.


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