Jet Set Radio HD Graffiti Screenshots Skate Into View

Some new gameplay screenshots for Sega's HD remake of Jet Set Radio have been released, featuring many favorite and hated faces from the game, including Pots the dog, Corn and Beat to name a few. The shots showcase some of the graffiti tagging as well as some good old fashioned rollerblading action.

Jet Set Radio HD is basically a game about counter-culture kids sticking it to “The Man”. The game features a number of races across a fictionalized recreation of Tokyo, as well as “tagging” certain hotspots and landmarks with graffiti. The game became an underground sensation when it originally released with the Dreamcast more than a decade ago, but it just never really materialized into a profitable franchise even after the Xbox release of Jet Set Radio Future.

Sega is giving some of their older titles a kick in the gonads with some HD sprinkled on top in hopes of sparking some community interest and potentially getting gamers geeked for potential sequels. For now, a lot of gamers are still talking about the Shenmue HD Collection and rumors have it that it's being delayed for a possible Shenmue 3 announcement. But again, those are just mumblings in the inner circles of fandom regarding Shenmue, it's highly doubtful that a third game will ever be released.

As for Jet Set Radio...even if this HD port moves a fair bit of digital copies it's also highly doubtful that a follow up to JSRF will ever be made or released. Although a potential Jet Set Radio Future HD release might be in store sometime down the road.

Jet Set Radio HD will be available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. An iOS and Android version are also in the works. You can learn more by heading on over to the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.