It’s 2012 and, I’m sad to say, we still haven’t received our jetpacks yet. Those things were all but promised in the comics, pulp novels, movies and television shows of yesteryear. But, since we don’t have an actual jetpack to cruise around in, looking awesome as we soar off to a levitating night club, at least we have games like Jetpack Joyride to give us the illusion of such high-flying antics. And, today, that particular mobile gem is finally making its way to the PlayStation Minis library.

Halfbrick’s Phil Larsen and Beatshapers’ Alexey Menshikov recently made a trip to the PlayStation Blog to make the announcement official. In short: Jetpack Joyride will be made available as a PlayStation Mini when the online store updates this afternoon, making it playable on the PS3, Vita and PSP.

In Jetpack Joyride players take control of Travis Steakfries, a down-on-his-luck gramophone salesman who finds himself stuck at Legitimate Research, a laboratory full of horrendous deathtraps and wicked jetpacks. Travis straps one of those bad boys on and, just like that, the player is hurtled into one-touch gameplay that has Travis dodging obstacles while collecting coins.

Coins can be used to purchase 16 different gadgets and their upgrades and Travis will have access to 12 different jetpacks and more than a dozen costumes to let him do his flying in style.

So if you’re like me and still trying to cope with the lack of actual jetpacks, maybe Jetpack Joyride will help sooth your pain when it releases on the PlayStation Network this afternoon for $3.99.

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