If there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s that pulling off triple backflips on a motorcycle is pretty cool. We’ve been doing it for years on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 thanks to the Joe Danger series and, soon, we’ll be able to do it on PC as well.

Originally launched on the PlayStation 3, the first Joe Danger game offered players numerous crazy levels to speed, jump, trick and crash through, all while strapped to a motorcycle that pretty much defies the laws of physics. In the sequel, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, our intrepid hero drove just about anything with wheels through another crazy collection of obstacle courses, this time themed after just about every type of action movie you can imagine.

Providing over-the-top stunting on two consoles wasn’t enough for Hello Games, however, as the developer has announced that both Joe Danger games will soon be crash landing on PC.

“As well as brand new levels, both games will come with special new PC-specific features,” reads a statement from Hello Games. “Enhanced graphic settings and resolutions take full advantage of modern PC power. Stem Big Picture support means you can lay from the sofa with a gamepad, while mouse and keyboard support means it feels at home on desktop screens, too.”

Both games will also now feature Steam Workshop support, allowing players to browse and share their own edited levels and ghost times with the rest of the gaming world.

“I think we have some kind of OCD at Hello Games,” said founder Sean Murray. “We have a rule that whenever we put our games onto a new platform, we have to add something. We can’t just do a quick and dirty port. We have some more surprises to announce for the PC editions of Joe Danger aas we lock them down.”

Expect those announcements, and the games themselves, as the launch draws closer.

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