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The now famed composer for the Grammy nominated soundtrack of thatgamecompany's award winning title, Journey, has taken up the mantle of charity for helping prevent suicides. This is done through a collaboration with producer Eric Raymond Lim, who lost his older sister to suicide.

The collaboration is a short film called The Forge, and it features Austin Wintory's music, with accompanying vocals by Malukah and cellist Tina Guo. The film is only a few minutes long, as you can see above, and if you're digging the music you can grab it off Wintory's Bandcamp page. The proceeds from the music will go towards the suicide prevention charity, to potentially help those like Lim's sister.

As part of a longer interview with Austin, he mentioned that...
“I'm releasing the music as a single, the one track of all the music in the short that will be online. 100 percent of the sales are going to the suicide prevention charity”...“Hopefully [this will] make some improvement in peoples' lives, who are perhaps struggling with things that they don't know how to deal with.”

Austin's work has been heavily praised since making waves with the Journey soundtrack, which managed to top the iTunes charts and the game itself has been topping the PlayStation Network charts ever since it was released last year. Given Austin's weighty clout in the gaming arena, this could help bridge interest from some gamers' fascination with the composer's music to his work with charity, as well.

You can learn more about The Forge and the suicide prevention charity by paying a visit to the official website.

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