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YouTube violin star Taylor Davis and videographer Landon Donoho put together a bit of a violin tribute video featuring the music from Grammy nominated composer Austin Wintory. The video is a celebration of a few of Journey's amazing tracks, including Apotheosis and I Was Born For This.

Gamerevolution spotted the video, and while the video was actually from early on in March, it's kind of fitting given that thatgamecompany just walked away from this year's Game Developers Conference as the GDC's game of the year.

Journey itself is a zen-like experience that follows the journey of a being tasked with getting to the top of a mountain in the far off distance. It's not a very long game and there is no dialogue, but it's one of those spiritually inspirational titles that has touched many different individuals in different ways, especially a little girl who played the game with her father before his passing, as shared by lead designer Jenova Chen (you can read the letter over on Stickskills).

The game was also picked up and used frequently in some church settings, as it's one of those experiences that happens to be very uplifting despite the sometimes very dark tones and dire subject matter that it deals with. Nevertheless, Journey has been a top seller while also reaping plenty of accolades in the process, and it's nice to see the community paying tribute to thatgamecompany's masterwork of artful and inspirational interactive entertainment.

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