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Curious about what's going to be new in Avalanche Studios' upcoming Just Cause 3? I'm sure a lot of people are. Well, gamers excited and stoked about the third game in the open-world action series will be pleased to know that there's a list of game features for Just Cause 3 ripe and ready on the official Steam page.

Over on the Steam page we find out the basic gist of the story: Rico Rodriguez, a top-level special agent, is being sent into the Mediterranean island republic of Medici to free the people. The real hook? Medici is his hometown... so this time it's personal.

Rico will face down against yet another military dictator; this time the man in charge is General Di Ravello. As mentioned on the Steam page...
“Armed with his classic grapple hook and parachute, weapons and vehicles galore, and with a whole bunch of new tricks up his sleeve (just wait until you see his Wingsuit…), Rico is a one-way ticket to creating the most over-the-top action moments you can possibly imagine!”

That's right, the game will sport a wingsuit. I'm sure Just Cause 3 will give Far Cry 4 a run for its money on the wingsuit-antics front. In the case of Just Cause 3, it really makes a ton of sense given that a core mechanic of the series has always been the grappling hook and parachute. A lot of times in Just Cause 2 there was the issue of flying up high, getting blown out of the sky and then having to free-fall back to the ground very slowly. For the third game, players will be able to glide around instead of just falling straight to the ground. I imagine this will help with traversing to various locations when you don't have access to a vehicle or if the parachute is just too slow as a form of travel.

The grappling hook and parachute are still going to be an integral part of the play experience and will continue to be a key part in getting around the map. You'll also still be able to tether things together and string up bad guys just like in Just Cause 2.

Speaking of travel... the game will feature all the standard assortment of vehicles that helped put the series on the map. The Steam page notes that super bikes, sports cars and helicopters will be making a return, and it's likely to expect a ton of military-grade vehicles and armament to commandeer, too.

Another highly requested feature for the third game was a multiplayer component. In the features list there's no actual mention about what kind of online features the game will specifically have, but it is mentioned that there will be “online community features”. It stands to reason that Avalanche Studios might be including some sort of component similar to what was achieved with the Just Cause 2: MP Mod, which eventually became an official mod on Steam after Avalanche Studios gave the modders their blessings.

Even if Just Cause 3 doesn't sport a fully fleshed out multiplayer component, it's likely we could at least see leaderboard support and some sort of social functionality, which has become a staple trait in a lot of today's AAA games.

A wide assortment of weapons will also be at the player's disposal, including air strikes and “tank-busters”.

You can check out the full list of features over on the Steam page. Just Cause 3 is due for release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2015.

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