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Bioshock Infinite is only a week away and, for those of us who can barely contain our excitement, Director Ken Levine is here to make the wait a little more bearable with a lengthy interview he recently did with BAFTA concerning the game. You still can’t play Infinite for another week, but at least you can bathe in this wonderful insight between now and then.

In Bioshock Infinite, the player takes on the role of Booker DeWitt, a man who has been sent to the floating city of Columbia to track down a mysterious woman, Elizabeth. Along the way, DeWitt finds himself in the middle of an aerial civil war and will have to rely on Elizabeth’s help and loads of firepower to see his mission through. And then there are those powerful Tonics, which give DeWitt the ability to set things on fire or control a flock of Ravens. Yeah, it’s pretty nifty.

With the game now only a week away from release, Irrational Games has posted a video featuring a 105 minute interview Levine recently took part in with BAFTA. In it, Levine discusses everything from the protagonists and baddies to the story, boxart and more. There’s even a Q&A portion following the interview in which Levine is very open about the game and the Bioshock series in general with the audience.

And if that’s somehow not enough Bioshock Infinite to get you to next week’s official launch, then you can certainly spend some time re-watching the latest trailers for the game herehere and here.