In BioShock Infinite's television commercial, Booker DeWitt makes very efficient use of his time. He slays a few bad guys and rescues a damsel in distress all in 60 seconds.

Speaking of time efficiency, the commercial states that the Infinite has won 85 awards from the press already. Pretty impressive for a game that hasn't even hit stores yet. Just goes to show you how many awards are thrown around during gaming conventions.

The commercial begins with a group of Columbia's residents preparing to lynch Elizabeth. It's not clear why they're doing this, exactly. It may have something to do with her unusual powers, though.

Booker attempts to snipe the lynch mob from behind but he's interrupted by the Handyman. He doesn't have time to fight the brute right now, so he flees along the city's rail system. He then drops down in the middle of the lynch mob to deal with them with a combination of vigors and firearms.

BioShock Infinite will debut next week on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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