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K-k-k-killeeeeer comboooooo! The battle cries of old will once again ring out as Killer Instinct returns to the fighting genre's center stage, launching alongside the Xbox One. And now, thanks to the game's latest teaser trailer, we know that combatants Orchid and Spinal will be joining the fray.

Originally revealed over on IGN's Youtube channel, the latest media for the revitalized Killer Instinct shows off a deadly lady and a skinless pirate joining the fray. Orchid returns to action with her trademark green outfit and dual batons (not to mention the requisite T&A that seems to be a requirement in all fighting games these days) while Spinal shambles into action ever so briefly, featuring his trademark red bandana, sword and shield.

Coming from the team at Double Helix Games, Killer Instinct for Xbox One will be a free to play affair, giving players access to one fighter at no charge with the remainder of the roster available for purchase. Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about this type of business model. I know quite a few fighting fans out there prefer to only play as the same handful of characters every time they step into battle, so only dropping a few bucks for each of their favorite fighters might seem like an awesome option. Others (like me, for instance) enjoy playing as all sorts of characters. Depending on how much each member of the roster costs, my fear is that Killer Instinct might get pricey for those who want to just enjoy the full package.

Then again, maybe I'm fretting over nothing here. It's entirely possible that the pricing for individual characters won't be ludicrous, or perhaps a reasonable “get everyone” price will be up for grabs. It's just that, given how the fighting scene has treated DLC this past generation, I'm not going to be too shocked if Killer Instinct turns out to be a giant money sink.

For those of you keeping count, that makes six of the original Killer Instinct's cast present and accounted for. Orchid and Spinal join the likes of Jago, Glacius, Chief Thunder and Sabrewulf, my personal favorite. And then there's the seventh confirmed participant, Sadira, who is brand new to the series. Those folks, bare minimum, should be ready to roll once Killer Instinct and the Xbox One launch on Nov. 22.

And now for some more Killer Instinct action. Enjoy!

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