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Microsoft and Iron Galaxy have huge plans for the third season of Killer Instinct on Windows 10 and Xbox One. The game will have the Shadow Lords single-player mode that will add a new rogue-like element to the game, as well as new characters released all throughout spring and summer, and a new multiplayer mode set to release later this year.

Gamespot tried capturing all of the big news that rolled out in the new patch notes, which covers a ton of the new features that Iron Galaxy has implemented into the game. There's also the launch trailer, which discusses a lot of the new features they will add, including the Shadow Lords mode.

The new single-player mode, due for release between spring and summer, will allow Killer Instinct players to put together a team of three to face off against one of the upcoming characters, Gargos. At the moment, Gargos is not in the game but he will release in May, so expect the Shadow Lords mode to go live no sooner than May.

After putting together a team, players will then venture around the planet to fight off Gargos' forces and acquire loot and goods to craft new items and get their team stronger for the final showdown. It's a cool sounding mode and will definitely add a ton of replay value to the third season of Killer Instinct.

The Shadow Lords will be followed up with a new multiplayer mode, which many have been saying is going to be similar to the Faction Wars mode in Mortal Kombat X. They didn't really go in depth about that aspect of the game, but you can very briefly see how the Shadow Lords single-player mode is setup and what sort of options and playability it offers in the launch trailer below.

As the trailer depicts, the third season of Killer Instinct is jam packed with content. There are the four new characters, including Rash from Battletoads, the Arbiter from Halo, and two other classic characters from the Killer Instinct franchise, Tusk and Kim-Wu. I'm not really digging Tusk's jhorts, but at least they have the option to put him back in his man-panties and boots combo from the older titles.

Speaking of outfits... they've added plenty of new clothing attire, accessories and items for many of the characters in the third season. You can customize and outfit the roster with a variety of different items.

And if you aren't digging the current roster or their clothing options, Iron Galaxy will release the new vampire-esque fighter, Mira, later on this month. She arrives just ahead of the release of Gargos in May, and two additional fighters who will be released this summer; one will be released in June and another fighter will be released in July with the brand new multiplayer mode.

Now that the game is on Windows 10, Microsoft is highlighting the cross-platform multiplayer featured in Killer Instinct. There's a base version of the game that you can get for free, or alternatively you can get the premium versions at various tiered prices. The third season of the revitalized arcade fighting game is available right now for Xbox One and Windows 10.
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