It would appear that the first Killzone won't be coming to the PS3 after all. Today Guerrilla Games announced that the project, revealed just last month, has been put on hold until further notice.

"With regards to KZ1 for PS3, not sure what happened but I've been informed that it's been delayed indefinitely," said the official KZ Twitter account today. Follow-up tweets emphasized that they had no additional information to share on the matter.

Killzone's planned PSN release was outed by the ESRB. Sony confirmed the port soon afterward. They made no mention of the project since then, though.

The PS3 Killzone would've been a straight port of the PS2 version. It wasn't, for example, an HD remake. No additional features were announced, either.

If you never played the first Killzone, you honestly didn't miss much. It's far below the quality of its two sequels. Its Metacritic rating was about 70 while Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 racked up scores of 91 and 84, respectively. I'm not sure that a standard port of the worst game in the series would've drawn any new fans into the fold.

There's always a chance that the Killzone port isn't completely dead. Maybe Guerrilla is saving it for a larger bundle, such as a Killzone Trilogy Pack. Don't get your hopes up, though.

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