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If you thought the trusty keyboard and mouse just wasn't cutting it for you in the newer Windows operating systems then be prepared to experience Windows without a keyboard and mouse. That's can use Windows as a "controller free" OS starting February 1st.

At the CES 2012 keynote speech tonight at Las Vegas, Nevada, Microsoft's Steve Ballmer announced that all Xbox Kinect devices will be Windows compatible starting February 1st and the device will play a pivotal role in how users interact with Windows 8 operating systems when it launches across a variety of devices.

In some regards, I think Kinect fits better as a Windows compatible device as opposed to an interactive gaming device. Then again, I'm sure a lot of Just Dance gamers disagree.

The extent of the compatibility of Kinect through Windows wasn't fully explored but it was something many people were already excited and talking about well before CES. Whether or not Kinect will have the same sort of controller support as Xbox 360 controllers do for current programs has yet to be revealed but I'm betting that Microsoft will clarify that well before February 1st.

You can learn more about Microsoft's revelations and announcements from this year's Consumer Electronics Show (which also happens to be their last keynote appearance for the annual event) by paying a kind visit to their Official Website.

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