Kingdom Under Fire II On PS4 Has Better Graphics Than PC, Says Producer

We all know that the PS4 is a capable machine for $400. However, we all know that the console should know its place in the world of gaming, especially against the likes of the Glorious PC Gaming platform. Well, one executive producer seems to want to cause the members of the GPCG arena to come out in full flame gear and set things straight, because according to him, the PS4 version of Kingdom Under Fire II will be better, graphically, than its PC counterpart.

Gamingbolt picked up quotes from an interview 2P conducted with Blue Side Studios' executive producer Sang Youn Lee, for the action-strategy MMO, Kingdom Under Fire II.

The discussion focused mostly on the gameplay mechanics and the game making its way to the west. However, the discussion moved over to the game's porting possibilities. Youn Lee makes it known that an Xbox One version isn't guaranteed yet because they're still discussing the measures with Microsoft to get the game on the platform. However, for the PS4, things turned into flamebait territory.

Kingdom Under Fire II is also planned for release on the PS4 and it's coming along so well that in regards to the graphics and playability in comparison to the PC version of the game, Sang Youn Lee had this to say...

“A little hard to tell you right now because if the PC users know, they will be very angry. PS4 has much better graphics. PS4 graphics quality will be much better and higher than the PC version.“

What in the actual... what?!

Some gamers pointed to the old Steam user survey that indicated that the average PC gamer didn't have system specs equivalent to or better than the Prestigious Gaming Console Kings and their eighth-gen devices.

The reality is that anyone with lower-end PC specs will obviously not be able to run the game as well as the PS4 version. Low-tier tablet and laptop peasants will suffer the most, obviously. But anyone with a mid-to-high end PC should not be seeing lower graphics performance than the PS4 counterpart. I just can't imagine how that would happen.

Let's not forget that the new breed of GPUs on the market absolutely curb-stomp what's in the PS4, cards like the Malta or the R9 290X or the Titan Black. I mean, those aforementioned cards are designed to run games at the highest settings at 4K resolutions. There is nothing on the PS4 that can come even close to that... it's more likely Mike Tyson will become a child therapist than for that to happen. Heck, it's not just remotely unlikely, it's in fact technically impossible for the PlayStation 4 to outperform a high-end PC. Also, the Xbox One version will probably run in 792p, so that's probably why it wasn't even brought up.

Nevertheless, I'm assuming Youn Lee was talking about the tablet, mobile and laptop peasants. For that minor sin, I think Lee can be forgiven.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.