Without sporting any spoilers and without holding back any of the gory violence, the extended and uncut story trailer for The Last of Us is a brutal, character driven affair that helps viewers get slightly associated with both Ellie and Joel, the main protagonists of Naughty Dogs' post-apocalyptic thriller-drama.

You know, it's funny that the next-generation is set to eclipse the seventh gen of gaming, but I can't help but feel as if The Last of Us transcends that typical over-shadowing that usually occurs at the end of a generation and the dawn of a new one. I also can't think of a game from the sixth generation of gaming that graphically, story and gameplay-wise managed to hold its own while the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 launched. The only two games that might fit the bill is Shadow of the Colossus and the original Godfather.

Nevertheless, The Last of Us has a strong lasting appeal about its presentation that should easily carry PS3 gamers over to the launch of the PlayStation 4 this October. And given the $399.99 price of entry for Sony's next-gen console, it gives you plenty of time to save up for the new console.

With just about every major gaming outlet giving The Last of Us a perfect score (bar a review here and there looking for the proverbial controversial click-bait fallout) Naughty Dog has basically hit a homerun with their final game for the seventh gen of gaming. If you're stoked about this game and that trailer above got you pumped, you need not worry because this PS3 exclusive will be dropping at a retailer near you this Friday at the end of E3 as well as headlining PSN this week.

You can learn more about The Last of Us by paying a kind and enthused visit to the official website.

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