Naughty Dog has unveiled another CGI trailer for their upcoming PS3 exclusive Last of Us. Ellie and Joel, survivors of an apocalyptic plague, encounter a new danger in their journey through the ruins of the United States.

While the humans turned into mindless freaks by the outbreak are a threat, they're not the only problem that the duo has to contend with. Because civilization has broken down, essential supplies like food and water are running low. As this trailer demonstrates, fellow survivors can be just as vicious as any infected.

I've been really impressed by the trailers for this game thus far. They're short but effective. You really get a sense of what Ellie and Joel's day-to-day life must be like in this post-apocalyptic environment.

Last of Us is expected either later this year or early next year. I imagine we'll hear a whole lot more when E3 rolls around.

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