The weeks leading up to E3 are always full of leaks both real and imaginary. The alleged PlayStation 4 specs that hit the internet this week probably belong in the latter category. However, they're an entertaining read, anyway.

The specs sheet (via GameRanx) states that the PS4 will have 20GB of ram and a 3.2 GHz cell processor. It's capable of 2160p resolution for 2D graphics and 1080p for 3D. The summary at the top of the sheet adds that it will have a 10 year lifecycle, much like the PS3.

Yes, those numbers are a bit crazy. However, that's not what made me roll my eyes. What made me immediately think this was a fake was the mention of full backwards compatibility. While that's a crowd-pleasing feature, it's something that the industry has moved away from over time. For example, the Xbox 360 only has limited backwards compatibility and most PS3 models don't have it at all. I don't see Sony including that feature in a new console because it would only drive up a price tag that - judging from the specs - would already be sizable.

If you need further convincing, VG247 reports that their source calls the spec sheet "complete bullshit."

The only plausible part of this alleged leak is the release window it gives for the new console: the fall of 2013. That same timeframe has been mentioned in other reports about the console as well. Unfortunately, Sony already announced that they won't be announcing a new console at this year's E3 so it'll be awhile before we find out whether all these rumors are true.

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