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Leave it to reddit to provide us with a potential announcement that should have time-traveling episodic game fans squealing for joy: It looks like Life is Strange 2 may have been accidentally announced already.

We've spoken a lot about leaks lately, spanning everything from Mass Effect 4 to Street Fighter V. Unlike most of those recent leaked announcements, though, this one has arrived by honest means. In short, a guy let slip that he's going to be working on Life is Strange 2.

In a recent interview with the French website Alchimy, Dontnod Founder Alain Damasio explained that not only did he help punch up the script for the original Life is Strange, but that he's going to be working on Life is Strange 2 as well. This was outlined on the Life is Strange reddit page and we're currently taking their word for it, as I can't speak a lick of french.

According to the translation, Damasio was asked about his work on the popular episodic game series and replied with the following:
I worked as a script doctor on Life is Strange developed by the studio Dontnod and I will participate on Life is Strange 2 later

I have to give credit to reddit user GrayManTheory, who has already coined the title Life is 2 Strange. Maybe a bit too humorous for this particular series, but now I don't think my mind will be able to accept any other name. User dV12900 took the joke and ran with it, offering up additional entries in the series, Life is Strang3, Life is Str4nge and Life is 5trange.

The fact that a sequel to Life is Strange is likely on the way isn't really a surprise. The game did very well for itself, building on the foundation of similar games from Telltale like The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us in order to tell a unique story in a fashion that's becoming increasingly popular.

Critics seemed to really enjoy Life is Strange as well, with each chapter receiving a majority of rave reviews. The game is already popping up in many game of the year talks, so its tale has certainly stuck with more than a few gamers. Building on that momentum, a second Life is Strange seems like an obvious decision. But will it build on the story that's already in place or will it tell another story with similar tones and mechanics? It looks like we'll have to wait to find out and, since the game itself hasn't actually been announced yet, there's no telling how long that wait will be.