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You know a game is far-reaching when one of its prime features includes collecting fap-bait. 2K Games announced that they signed an exclusive deal with Playboy magazine to feature vintage pin-ups and cover centerfolds in the upcoming Mafia II.

According to Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K...
“In partnering with Playboy, we are able to add a unique element of authenticity to the game by using vintage images from the magazine that illustrate the power of Playboy’s influence on the attitudes and culture of that generation.”

In other words good Sir, you have acknowledged that young teenage fanboys will now be the majority begging their parents (or friends) to purchase the game over the counter for them. Seriously, though….Playboy?

Anyway, Editorial Director Jimmy Jellinek of Playboy commented in the press release, saying...
“Mafia II is set when Playboy first came into vogue and features characters whose style and attitudes mirror content from our early issues. We’re excited to bring an element of authenticity to the game that is unmatched in the men’s publishing category.”

Well so long as none of the gameplay has been sacrificed for front-page N4G news then I suppose all is well. However, it would be pretty sucky if this obvious press-ploy for promotion was just that, and the game itself isn’t all the great (i.e., the blatant nudity in Godfather II to cover up for the game’s awful simplicity and repetitiveness).

You can learn more about Mafia II, which is due out this year for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3, by visiting the Official Website.

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