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Many Complain About Excessive Cheating In The Division, Ubisoft Responds

The Division recently had a closed beta test over the last weekend for select gamers who registered to participate as well as those who pre-ordered the game. One of the biggest complaints was about the hacking and cheating going on. Ubisoft has responded to those complaints.

PC Gamer picked up the story from Games Radar, where they noted that many PC gamers reported lots of hacking and glitching going on. This wasn't entirely limited to the PC version, though, as players on the PS4 and Xbox One were able to exploit a glitch in the Dark Zone to gain extra loot and avoid being killed.

Community manager xMiiSTY made a post on the Ubisoft forum explaining that the company was well aware of the cheating and they were attempting to do something about it, writing...

We are aware of the cheating issues in the Closed Beta on PC. The team is fully committed to providing solutions against this and a system will be in place to ensure a fair experience for players when the game is released on March 8.

As noted in the other articles reporting on Ubisoft's response to the cheating, they don't detail exactly what measures they have planned to put into place, but in doing so they would likely tip the cheaters off anyway.

During closed beta of The Division, a number of reports surfaced of players utilizing SMGs to snipe people from all the way across the map, as well as killing other players and then glitching out of the map to avoid being killed. The cheats were exclusive to the PC version of The Division, while the map glitches in the Dark Zone were employed by both PC and home console users. There was even a couple of videos that popped up explaining how to cheat and where to go to make good on the map exploits.

It wouldn't be surprising if Ubisoft decided to roll out the same sort of anti-cheating measures for The Division that they use for Rainbow Six: Siege. For the latter, they would permanently ban anyone caught cheating. It's a zero-tolerance measure that results in players completely losing their account for online play if they're caught cheating. They'll likely try to make another account and head back online, but it becomes a very inconvenient process.

Given that The Division will live or die based on how well the game's multiplayer is safeguarded, it would behoove them to take the complaints seriously and have measures in place for the game's launch on March 8.

According to the PC Gamer article, they state that there's a rumored open beta scheduled to take place later this month between February 16 and February 21. This would open the game up for further testing against cheats and exploits before launch.

So far, the feedback for the game has been lukewarm. Most people seem to enjoy the gameplay but aren't overly excited or hyped for the game. There's definitely potential, but for the most part the game has been described as a mix between Destiny and Ghost Recon. We'll see just how well The Division holds up when it launches this March for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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