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"How can you put a price on a game that lets Captain America beat up Mega Man?" you might ask. Well, Microsoft did, and they're chopping it in half in honor of the holidays.

Cross-over fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is usually priced at 1200 MS Points ($15) but today it's only 560 Points ($7). This saves you a sum of money that's impossible to determine with a standard computer. I've sent the figures off to NASA and let you know what they tell me.

The deal was announced by Microsoft's Major Nelson on his Twitter. He states that the deal will only be live today so go grab it quick like.

Edit: 560 MS points is $7, not $8 as I originally indicated. Yes, that's right - I made a joke about how simple the math was and then actually managed to screw up said calculations.

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