So what makes an RPG fun…is it the longevity? The characters? The story? The gameplay? Well, here at Blend Games we like to compare things in three round bouts known as “Vs” battles. It may help some gamers get better acquainted with upcoming games as well as what game they might consider buying.

This time around we’re pitting epic RPG against epic RPG with Obsidian going one-on-one with BioWare (both of which made Knights of the Old Republic games). We’ll compare Mass Effect 2 against Alpha Protocol and see which one gamers might be more interested in when it’s all said and done. Like the past couple of bouts we’ll be joined by Electronic Theatre’s Kev. J. and ManPac.

This first round is all about diversity. What kind of gameplay are you getting in a game like Mass Effect 2 or Alpha Protocol? What would make you want to go out and buy it or why would you be interested in playing it in the first place? Well, these questions are covered below as we discuss what each game has to offer and why gamers might find one game more snazzy than the other.

Mass Effect 2

ET - Kev J: The first Mass Effect delivered players the opportunity to not only build relationships, win the girl and, of course, save the galaxy, but also to explore alien systems at their own pace: whole worlds in which you were the catalyst for their rearrangement or destruction. However, there’s no denying that many of these worlds were merely empty landmasses upon which your servitude was eventually seen as little more than toing-and-throwing in accordance with the demands of the story and side-missions. Mass Effect 2, we have been promised, will change all of this.
No more will players excitedly be tasked with a journey to a new region, only to find small clusters of life with a great empty mass. Instead, BioWare intend on creating grand cityscapes and lush jungle camouflage in that where there was once blandness. The grand space opera of Mass Effect will become an even greater spectacle as the player meets new species upon their literal suicide mission, and with the proposed incorporation of decisions made in the first title by the individual, Mass Effect 2 could end-up a very different story for each player.

BG – William: BioWare might want to consider changing their name to Epic if Epic Games ever went belly-up. This dev team that’s now owned by EA is doing some remarkable stuff with Mass Effect 2. The game will feature more character interaction, more possibilities for event outcomes, more character detail and more planets to explore than its predecessor. This game offers up tons of options when it comes to missions, side-missions and environments for massive space excursions. This is not to mention that the multiple-endings based on player decisions makes it one of the most unique progressive RPG sagas out there.

Alpha Protocol

ET - ManPac: Being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Alpha Protocol is perhaps the most direct comparison to Mass Effect on the Current-Generation of consoles. Having worked very closely with BioWare in the past has rubbed-off on Obsidian and Alpha Protocol is a westernised Role-Playing Game (RPG) that follows much of the precedent set by the first Mass Effect. But while dialogue trees and third-person shooter combat bear the hallmarks of that influence, it’s setting opens an entirely new world of possibility. Alpha Protocol is not a futuristic, galaxy far-far-away endeavour, but a much more down-to-earth proposition.
Playing as Michael Thorton, you will embark on a modern day covert operation; a globetrotting story in which a CIA conspiracy is a much more pertinent basis than the invasion of a long-dead alien race. The player customisation options will offer a greater scope of personalisation than the limited facial reorganisation of Commander Sheppard and perhaps more importantly, players can customise weapons and armour along with the hero’s abilities through an extensively revised leveling-system.

BG – William: When you’re talking about changing the espionage action genre by making it an RPG you’re talking about serving up a tall order. Nevertheless, Obsidian seems to be taking on that order with flying colors as Alpha Protocol contains some of the most fascinating RPG elements featured in a game to-date. The ability to customize the lead character with a variety of reasonable looks, upgrade and acquire weapons of choice, learn new fighting techniques and chat it up with a few femme fatales in the game is a step in a direction only equivalent to what BioWare is doing with Mass Effect 2. When it comes to diversity I think I might be inclined to say that this game ties with BioWare’s epic space saga.

Voting Time!

Which game seems like it tickles your fancy more? Which game appears to offer the more interesting RPG elements? Well, place your vote below but not before checking out a video of each game in action.

Mass Effect 2 Vs Alpha Protocol
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