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After pouring so much time into crafting your Mass Effect 2 character's face, why not flaunt your work? A fan has launched a new database that allows players to share their creations.

When you design a face in the character creation screen, the toolset generates a unique code for it. Another player can then punch that code into their game and get the exact same face. The database is a collection of these codes uploaded by users. Most entries provide pictures and descriptions as well.

"This was done very quickly (took me about 3 hours) so I know it looks a bit ugly right now. I'll try and get one of my graphic designer friends to whip up a header or maybe even a full skin for it later this week," wrote the creator in a post on the official ME2 forums.

Considering that BioWare included the face code generation in the game, it's surprising they didn't make a similar resource. They've stickied the link to this fan database on their forums so it seems they're content to let gamers do it on their own.

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