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This week BioWare will release Citadel, the last add-on for the single-player side of Mass Effect 3. A new trailer from the studio gives us a look at Shepard's last adventure.

The DLC allows Shepard to spend more quality time at the Citadel. It unlocks new side activities at the Silver Coast Casino and Armax Arena. He can also relax in his custom apartment. His friends and lovers from throughout the trilogy are also on the Citadel, should he want to spend some quality time with them.

Citadel also has some action. Shepard is being targeted by some sort of evil conspiracy and, well, um, he doesn't like it. He and his team will investigate the city and shoot many people in the process.

BioWare will release Citadel on March 5th. It'll set you back $15.

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