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Six more screenshots from Mass Effect 3's next downloadable content pack Omega hit the Internet today. Commander Shepard is showcased along with two new comrades-in-arms.

The asari with Shepard is Aria, the crime lord. The turian's identity is unknown. All we know thus far about this character is that they're female. Yesterday's screenshots provide an even closer look at her.

In Omega, the fanatical human organization Cerberus is trying to take over the lawless space station. It makes sense that Aria would team up with Shepard to stop them, as a Cerberus occupation would hurt her operations considerably. It remains to be seen what this turian's agenda is.

Omega (priced at $15) is due on November 27th for Xbox Live, PC, and North American PSN. The European PSN will receive this content on the following day.